They call me mr. knowitall
I will not compromise.
I will not be told what to do.
I shall not step aside.
They call me mr. knowitall
I have no time to waste.
My mouth it spews pure intellect.
And i've such elegant taste.
They call me mr. knowitall.
I sup the aged wine.
Oh i could tell such wonderous tales
If i should find the time.
I must be mr. knowitall
For ideas they come in bounds.
I am mr. knowitall
So spread the word around.
They call me mr. knowitall
I am so eloquent.
Perfection is my middle name
And whatever rhymes with eloquent.

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Composição: Larry LaLonde / Les Claypool / Tim Herb Alexander · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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