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The Voice (#2)


Tap {repeat throughout song}

Oh yeah
Lord, have mercy

Bang! - A gunshot rings out
13-year-old baby falls 2 the ground
See the killer runnin' down the street
Tell me killer, can U hear the sound?

Tap, tap, tappin' on your window like a fallin' rain
Cryin' like a baby in a cradle sayin' "pick me up again"

Ching! Mr. Politician goes on vacation
Brings along a friend or 2
In the disguise of taxes
Mr. Politician (sends) sends the bill 2 U know who

(Tappin' on my window like a fallin' rain)
(Cryin' like a baby, pick me up)
Can't U hear the voice? (Oh yeah)

The nightsticks are still singin'
4-part harmony on brother's back
Justice is doomed when we don't start no S-H
And there's still some I-T in all of that (in all that)

(Can't U hear it tappin' like a fallin' rain fine-tune cryin' like a baby?)
(Pick me up, pick me up)
Talkin' about the voice, y'all

Can't U see it's just dirty money? (Peace)
If your brother man is dyin' in the flow (Peace)
Take off these chains
And listen 2 the voice callin'
We gotta go, gotta go, hey!

(Oh Lordy, like a fallin' rain)
(Cryin' like a baby, pick me up, pick me up again)

5-4-3-2-1, keep the war over
But how many wanna keep the peace (Peace)
We keep buildin' guns when we could build love (When we need 2 build love)
Cuz that's when the war will cease

U know it, U know it
Can't U hear the voices?
Can't U hear the sound?
Take heed

(Tappin' on my window like a.. like a fallin' rain)
(Cryin' like a baby, pick me up)
Oh yeah (Can't U hear the voice?)

The voice ha ha ha... (Peace)
5-4-3-2-1 Get it!
I've been blessed on death
That I admit a revelation of sorts
Yo, cuz when I was a kid
Fort Knox was the best way 2 describe me
I put a boot in your neck for G.P.
Livin' in a world full of turmoil
I make it cuz I have 2
When inside, my emotions pour
And I'm looking 4 salvation
Trying 2 cleanse my soul
And admit that 2 the nation
And my world -- they give a man his props
Not becuase of the lives he saves
But the bombs he dropps
Then there's the man with the funky grin in a suit
Talking 5 points of light - who's he trying 2 sue?
Can I hear the voice, hear it come
Shout Hallelujah (Hallelujah)
Yeah, as I bang the drum
And while some of U wish 2 be spoon fed
Mavis and I will drop the knowledge (Yeah) (Peace)

(Tappin', like a fallin' rain fine-tune)
(Cryin' like a baby, pick me up, pick me up)
(Talkin' 'bout the voice y'all)

(Peace) {repeated}

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