I hated while i waited for the cold, hard and bitter facts cut
Down in the midst of the prime of his life
With the swing of a mobile axe - and no one
Believes it till the crowds all gone
And it all hits home
That everything frozen in time seems to melt
When you're all alone

Way back in the daze - we were young and crazy
And we passed the time with the crime of being lost and lazy
Tell me who's to blame for the same old sad, sad song
As society's singing - death goes on

Two years go by with the blink of an eye and another
One gone
And as the crowd grew slimmer, then the crowd got stronger,
Then the crowd moved on
I remember the times we would all be together
Just singin' out loud
In the back of my mind the voices still echo
We sounded so proud

To be part of the family - whose roots run so deep
And we'd all be together raising hell till we were sound asleep
In the midst of a nightmare that lasts all night long
As society's singin' - death goes on

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