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Cause I'm A Playa(feat. Pimp C)

Project Pat

I Keep My Cup Raised Up,
My Nigga Cause I'm A Playa'
Nigga Cause I'm A Playa'
Nigga Cause I'm A Playa'

My Dollars Stay Stackin'
Nigga Cause I Be Mackin'
Nigga Cause I Be Mackin'
Nigga Cause I Be Mackin'

[Chorus x2]

I'm Just Out Here Slangin' Cd's
Nigga, Like Ruffle Rockers
They Rollin' Hypnotized
We Quick To Knock Off Your Block Uh
Blastin' Nothin But Chalk Uh
Nigga We Non Stop Uh
Whippin' Up This Cream Real Mean,
Like Betty Crocker

The Guts Icy White
And Leather Is What I'm Likin'
Pull Up, Chrome Rims
Them Holla She Must Be Dykin'
Like She Don't See Them Colors Change
Colors On My Paint Job
Just Like All Them Colors
On My Ice In My Wrist Watch

Pimps Got, Nothin' But Some Conversation For Some Dough
Slangin' These Words Out My Mouth
Like I'm Sellin' Snow
Tellin No Lies, Compromise
Only Cheese Wise
If You Try To Cross Real Killers
Then You Must Die

[Chorus x2]

[Pimp C:]
Macaroni, Pretty Toni
Snow, I Keep It Poppin'
Move It To The Internet
Keep That Pussy Droppin'
Mop It Up, Slop It Up
See The Ball, Chop It Up
Whoof It Up
Sit Down On That Knee
I Fin To Push It Up
If The Game Was Over
I'd Get Me Some Work And Cook It Up
Wanna Show This Rookie Up
You Wannabe Now Hook It Up
We Run The Streets, I Seen A Part
Up In This Shit I Took It Up
She Wanted Me To Hit Her Pussy
I'ma Go Off In Her Butt

What You Gon' Do
When That Thang Go To Fightin'
I'ma Lay It Deep Off In Them Hoes
Them Hoes Be Boppin'
Tellin' Me To Stop A Bitch
I Ain't Fin To Stop It
Your Pussy Is A Pit Bull, Bitch
Down And Lock It
Fuckin Ride With Me
I Knock Your Thang Up Out A Socket
Your Hoe Wanna Look At Me
Your Bitch Is Out Of Pocket
Flyin' In The Bentley
Get Me Sucked Just Like A Rocket
Pimp-C Bitch
I Got A Zoo Off In My Closet

[Chorus x2]

Crusin' Chessie Aveneue, In The Hood
It's A Sunny Day
Jonesed Out Walkin', Mini Skirts
Let The Bunnies Play
Money Stay, In A Niggas' Pocket
Wrapped In Rubber Bands
Seven Hun-Ed Ones With My Seve-Ty Benjimans
Understand, Got The Hollow Jackets
In The Barrel-Rel
Make A Wild Nigga Wanna Walk
The Straight And Narrow-Row
My Dogs Strapped, On Point
Guard Be Like The Fed'ral-Ral
A Hundred Shots
Comin' Out The Mouth Of The Calico

Ye Know, Man A Nigga Lose
What He Gon' Do
I'm Lookin' For Some Beef
But The Kind At A Barbecue
Comin' Through, Lookin' Old School
Box Chevy Thang
Ride 22's On You Foo's
Let The System Bang

I Keep My Cup Raised Up... (Raised Up, Raised Up)

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