We are our own demise
I am becoming procrastination
Reckless, sexist, crooked, confused
You are so often wrong about you and uoeno
We have self-identified as particleboard, paper maché, duct taped
And we are wrong, and right, and confused
It's complicated, but so is a star
A flower, a quasar, a friendship, a marriage
May we become a refuge for the complicated
As for me, well, I'll zip up my emotions into this dusty duffel bag I've aptly named poetry
And I'll be on my merry way as soon as my pride turns me loose
I'll unmangle the last morsel of manhood I could muster
Ma'am, I seem to have misplaced my confidence
Last place I've seen it, it was right at the altar of your love
It's complicated
I am becoming complicated

We may scratch ourselves raw to erase the image we were made in
Smoke, snort, sex or drown out the silence
We may waste our savings on makeovers
To rhinoplasty our daddy's nose away
But no nip, no tuck can cut away the sense of obligation
[Lyrics from: https:/lyrics.az/propaganda/crooked/its-complicated.html]
We are becoming what we are not
But what we are is inescapable
You are a masterpiece fighting to be a silly selfie with a hideous filter
You are handmade heavens and calligraphy
Slumming it among papyrus fonts
You are a perfect and eternal poet -- laureate --
Complete works with a laundry list of identity issues
Sometimes our plumbing don't match our urges
Your femininity forged a force field that protects your posterity
Your masculinity musters up moxey to conquer mountains for your family
You are rightful heir to not just a kingdom
But a universe and you have your father's eyes
Stop acting like a traitor
You are revelation revealed
You are pyramid constructors, conductors, conduits of lightning
At the same time you speak, you breathe arsenic carcinogenic, causes car sickness
These scars are our witness
To love hard is hard living, but it's life
It's what you are
It's what you will be
And it's complicated
But then again, so are stars, childbirth, parenting, us

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