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Purple Coloured Kingdom

Psycho Symphony

Part I. Screamgarden

Pulsating wonder
Our echoes hurtless sensually
In the wind

Racing along
Clamour of blind birds
Magic dream-pictures

Time is going slowly
In the middle of the sea
Being resplendent in pain-colours
Sprinkling sand in our eyes
Deerscream makes the soundgarden resound
Cold glance stares at the fire
I'm afraid.

Part II. Dreadpalace

In an astounding lightpalace
Statuemoths stand, dumbly
Web-eyed snakes wriggle
The depths are frightful
Fear-hiding silentfall
Rain-washed voiceflow

Free Breezecry
Purple-coloured kingdom
Bleeding body in a frame
Whose death dance is deep sigh

Leave the grid-shaped shed
Step over the ray of the mirror
Waiting in a delightgarden
Calming giddiness

Sweat washes my face
Fulfilment nears to the end
Nightabyss at the end of the way
Body is bleeding from the scream.

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