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Reality Falls Asleep Pt.I & II

Psycho Symphony

Torment cries in the rain
Pain and joy
both are present
waiting with closed eyes

In a stormy dawn
the ships are ready in the port
The light shines
There's great crowd

At dawn a blue ray spoke to me

He looked the reality
and kept watching
stayed without a word and trembled
They whispered:
"Children are afraid in the sea of tears"

I'd fly like long ago
There's a cloud in the sky
The Way is infinite

I burst into tears
then all my well-wishers appear

A tune resound
Everyone is playing a lacrymatory
The trees are shedding tears
singing my leaving

There's a cloud in the sky
Free bird...

Obscurity of the pyramids
is covered with tears of pain
The mysterious music sounds from
the depth of the river.

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