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Girl Machine Gun

Puffy AmiYumi

Girl machine gun, go!!

You finished up your curry and rice
And brandished your machine gun
How far will you go
To be a hero?
A thrilling sight awaits

You made my heart fierce
I won't pull any punches
Greek men, too, spread their wings
And flew
But my love burned them until they melted

Ba-ba-ba-ba-bang bang, Ba-ba-ba-ba-bang
Your heart is a nest of honey
Ba-ba-ba-ba-bang bang, Ba-ba-ba-ba-woo
Can you stay standing in the face of my charm?

I like you
I'll give my life, but I hate weak guys

I'm not for free
That's my heart you're trying to take away
Too threatening
That's perfect
So's that!

Girl machine gun, machine gun
Girl machine gun, go!!

My gunpowder's too hot for you to handle
I've got magic powers
And I'm gonna fly to your heart
And fire!!
My machine gun

Girl machine gun, yeah yeah yeah