People often confuse duty with rights and rights with freedom.
This all too common misunderstanding brings nothing more than
False hopes and futile attempts at understanding without effort.
Most people never take the time to think, and behind the veil of
Self-righteousness they judge on grounds of ethics. a moral standard
They truly believe to be their own, and so their hammer falls, without
Ever even considering the source of their inspirations.
The media has got a chokehold on outspoken opinions, and they
Tighten and grip in the name of freedom until all attempts to
Create are nipped in the bud, long before they get a chance to blossom.
An every-day terror regime instated in the name of sale, for everything
Has a price, and the media just as all other merchants simply aspire to control
The market, but to control the market of the open mind, they first must
Patent the written word.
They have had a long hard struggle against ideals and dreams that
People have gought and died for, but now they are winning.
Systematically shooting down our freedom of expression and the last resort
Of the thinker, ripping the pen out of any willing hand and substituting
It with a surround stereo television and magazinesthat contain nothing.
It's a pointless struggle, but we will fight them, and when we can't fight
In this world we will continue in the next one. still loosing i'm sure, but
At least alive, for a short while longer.

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