(ft Raekwon Joell Ortiz)

King Push

The devil is a lie you ain't Brooke Bran
Till you taste the devil's pie
They say is last sounds like an angel when he cry
With better camouflage when the hallo you disguise
Them wings don't fly your traitor is your neighbor
At your front port in his hand do your paper
Best roll on but the swards and the kneef
And you wanna see your blood is the cause in the street
Is the mark of the beast
The me shell inherit the earth
The we shell inherit the dirt
You each should have parent the birth
Still born on boarded every street tax gotta come with the naughty
Even your life or your love was
Street razor or snub gun from the village what a thug's from
Same corner that you copin know your drugs from
Here hero but he un-song I'm the one

I'm the one yeah
Hey y'all homie
The chain is as 36 new when improve
Now make a move these guns whistle see your love
You got big mouth you know power
In front of the bank with no dollars got the nerve to switch cruise
We better than the rest of my guest is the..
And all the money we got the move like the mexicans
The caughts out come out..a large scale and scars deal
I f*** with guff now we're lost ill
Yeah this fresh straight out of Bermuda
We chillin on the beach and broke a cheaper with tuner
Salads and palaces oh we smoke up and..
Passing all balances a bread to the..since
1984 was just more then we would come for a rightful rockin night..than war
A real invention I came from my.. who blew up
Now throw the grew up that's my redemption

Drug dealer been that half my life
Drug dealer been that half of my life
You soak it but you ain't never seen them
Imagine being first name bases with the king ping

Gone I was losing this neighbor
You wouldn't believe some of these days these people do for this paper
Moving with lazes on the..make the move you make the paper lose
Lose situation swear the blood you get to choose what you bathin
The chemist cook work the runners foot work
Customs took work
The soldiers put work on any of these mother f** to fu** a good work
Bosses tell em good work that's just had a hood work
North face bubble with 8 bumbles under rate
Go front upper smile while I was hugging it
I lied I wasn't lose it for his neighbor
He knew I'm f*** with
My mom's through that snow and I know that I would hustle it
Champ hoodie mom goose with the pegs
Clap your stupper your mom ducks in the leg
Has beef yell in street I beat right and down and try to beat
F*** everything not heavy swing
Second hand swept the cross that pretty brat ling
And that need to sun hunder sheavy thing had a ling whatever bring
Fedy in steadily I fed my whole team

Drug dealer been that half my life
Drug dealer been that half of my life
You soak it but you ain't never seen them
Imagine being first name bases with the king ping

In this auto-war my pink stroke is Picasso
Let's get the picture I ain't gotta pink the nastrus
You know my origin is over win fed black sing it over organs
Die for a dollar proud you don't swallow
You say that's for a warm you're buying red bottoms
Yeah that's the price you gotta pay for
All fan loving war she mascarade for
Jackaline and push tricka triff I earned it off the books
Now listen to me then when you seat and watch
Like tiars me and spend shot from everywhere but they never make up then
Night ain't shining normal now sting me from the villain
'cause my vision says your karma
Fear is nowhere and you're ..
Is music to my soul 'cause it's death before the sana

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