The Discipline of Questioning


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Born in ancient times
When first born in ancient man
Was discipline
Adhering to the rules which lay in stone
That were handed down by our forefathers
Since the dawn of time

Disbelief, is what we have now
For your religion and rules
No need to be tied down by them, for all of my life

So thing for yourself,
And question what you've been told
Use your own mind, cause there's no price to use it
Think for yourself, and question what you believe
And there you will find, what is your own imagination
Use your own fucking imagination

And when you die
What awaits your body on the other side?
If there is another side

Cold death, touches me
Reaches out with his outstreched hand and beckons me

I sometimes wish that I could fly
See my body when I die
Want to know what lies ahead
In the eon when I'm dead

Why is it we cry?
When someone we love has dies
Life is short Insignificant you might say
But the discipline of question helps us live life day by day