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Party Ain't A Party

Queen Pen

[Queen Pen]

1 - Yo, a party ain't a party 'till it's ran all through
And leave it to my crew, it's gon' be playa' proof
After three rounds we gon' blow off this roof
A party ain't a party 'til it's ran all through

Repeat 1

Shorty, who you be, you're staring at me instantly
As I walk into this vide(o) I can feel you diggin' me
Wit' yo' glass of Rhemy, you had one too many
But still I'm impressed wit' cho' wild out Henney
It's a party and I got's to run all through
But maybe later on we can chat over booze
See I thought you knew, ain't no delaying what I'm saying
Want me to rewind and collect on my track, it won't wait
I said it's a party, I gots to run all through
We holding 20 plus we can follow if you choose
See ain't nothing changed, since the days of the Q
Except uh, elimination that wanna chew up my crew
Yes you, but you true I got to browse on through
You can catch me at the bar being shady to my old crew
How I do? Make moves like I shoot
Catch me on the rebound, make at the tunnel
Catch me on the rebound, or maybe at the tummy

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

[Mr Cheeks]
I'm tipsy from the cab, down the whole bottle of Henney
Peepin' shorties in my biz and seeing many
But there's something about you
You seem off the hook
Givin' me that "I want to say something" look
Plus that dress you wearin'
Got my whole team starin',
You not bouncin' with me, I'm not hearin'
Lickin' the lips for real like you really want it
Is you dealing with the cat that's blunted?
Stay forever real shorty Ra', is you down
To go home wit' the champ a whole round? You see
I had my eyes on you from way across the room
You looked so good from over here, I can smell your perfume
I assume, if I got ta come and get ya
Ya'd think I was only out to hit ya,
See, you's an intelligent chick
With that Nestle type of smile,
Held my temptations back for awhile
Tell my brother Tah Lee, I'll be back, yeah
That's Pretty Lou and Spigg Nice, so watch my jacket
Make her touch to my lips, put the drink in my hand
'Till the center my legs expand

[Freeky Tah]
That's how we do
Better forget her for me and you
I give a shout out to my whole crew
From New York City to Chicago too

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

[Markell Riley]

Now a party ain't a party until I run through it
Pick 'em stick 'em sick 'em, that how I do it
Move it, get down keepin' ya'll movin'
Certified game tight prove it, aight!
Deala of the dancefloor, makin' all ya'll stomp and clap
Ya feelin' me?, damn sure
I had the answers for ya dancers
Since way back, puttin' it down like that

[Nutta Butta]

I came in the door, 20 or more
Watch the dancefloor, cause we like it raw
Dom got my head spinnin' like a set of rims
Nutta Butta like a pair of Timbs
What the deal shorty?, wanna rock with me
Take ya back, do the wop wit' me
Spend the cash like Monopoly
Words slurred and my vision is blurred
But a party ain't a party 'til I slide with a bird, what?

Repeat 1 until fade

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Composição: Aqil Davidson / Idris Davidson / Lynise Walters / M. Smith / Mr. Cheeks / Teddy Riley. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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