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Queen Pen

Queen Pen: Me'shell Ndegeocello, play for me, c'mon talk to me
Me'shell: anyone know, it never ceases to amaze me how everbody'salways in
somebody else's buisness, looking for something, but 'cha know,for what
it's worth -
we could give a fuck!

Me'shell: Girlfriend, girlfriend, yes i had your girlfriend
Queen Pen: If that was your girlfriend, if that was yourgirlfriend, if that
was your girlfriend, she wasn't last night (x2)

(verse 1)
now how you just gon' be playa hatin' on me
coz i got mad bitches just wanting me
And i got mad niggaz just checkin' for me see
I got more stock than you ever see, i be...
The one that your main squeeze been diggin
Pull you out your closet, sex on weekends
It's my buisness of what i do, him or her, he or she, insideyou
So while you be yappin' and talkin to your friends
Beefin 'bout that yellow chicken, the green benz
I'll be havin' all your people's info with the second part of my???
she slid the number, what you gettin mad at me for
she said she was single when she closed my car door


(verse 2)
Me'shell: so queen tell me, where did you meet her,

Queen Pen: On the sunday, mac, she was walking out ???
I was just chillin, mindin my own business
Sittin on the corner, waitin for my sister
When she slid by, maybe 4 or 5 times
Wanted me to notice the rythm of her thighs
Oh boy, uh, girls are just so funny to me
I can see how niggas get into these beefs
She knew she had a man when she came up in the piece
She said she was a regular and how about me,
If she gave me her digits would i call her after three
The way she fliked her hips made you move to have to see
How these chinese jamaican tried to draw it by me
It never ceases to amaze me

Me'shell: Ain't nobody gotta know just how much you want me


(verse 3)
Now how i've ran, you've only a few
But you can back track and ask them how i do it how it is
Who the flyest chick, with the phattest whip
And run her all night, like a burger with a chip
And if it's all good then i feature it again
Like a fix remix, (if you need a fix)
See you gots to be real like my ex beverly
You don't have your man just stressin out on me
Coz he can't control how you throw your pussy
I'm a baller and i been for a ???
And if i choose to jerk her off then it's all on me
See you claimed that was your girl, well that's not how itseems
Uh, it never ceases to amaze me

Me'shell: Coz i like to get down so if you's wants ta i will
I love to love ya' baby


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