Another morning in an empty room,
The Clock is ticking but not for you,
Your lifeless shell is still awake,
A lifeless life far from an escape,

A few seconds can change a life,
But it needs time to realize,
That she had gone without a goodbye,
That she had gone out of this life,

Release I'll find in Afterlife,
Release I'll find,
What needs time,
If you can not smile,
You might feel my needs,
You might be their seed,
Release you will find in Afterlife,
Release you will find,

Emptiness is filling your heart,
Empowered by the daily walk to the yard,
Due to her death, your joy fell apart,
And left behind a sorrowful heart,

And still ticks the clock,
And still you hope it ticks for you,
'Cause you know in this life,
will be no release for you,

Release I'll find in suicide,
Release I'll find,
What needs time,
If you can not smile,
Suicide means release,
Life after decease,
Release you will find in suicide,
Release you will find,

You really think your good times remain forever,
You really think peace and freedom stay forever,
Times are changing, your life is changing too,
Humanity's too fragile and life is too cruel,

Welcome to the point, where you don't know what's right,
Welcome, Mr. Timid, May I help you, my son,
Persons enter and leave your life,
Some remain in memory, some fall into oblivion,

Are you afraid of what you hear,
Beyond this life is existence,
At the end, my friend, you'll see,
There's no one there, besides me,

We are just passengers,
In the carrier of being,
We are just messengers,
On the road to oblivion,

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