Take my hand, i guide you far away,
Tell you a story of a man and his faith,
This man leaves his home and his family behind,
Wants to open his eyes, but stays forever blind,

He gives his life in preachers hands,
And trades his freedom for a life of lies,
His thoughts are poisoned by manmade saints,
They sell him a place in paradise,

For the faith he will die,
For her son, his mum will cry,
To his god he will pray,
For the sign he will slay,
Noone knows what he will think,
When his end is near,
Will he regret his sin,

Time is running very slow,
When you're hiding from the past,
He doesn't know where his mind wants him to go,
But he's going very fast,

Knowledge is what he wants to gain,
But he doesn't know what him reigns,
His faith causes blindness and hate,
Will he wake up before it's too late,

And his tears fell down,
And dropped into the dust,
He felt shadows of doubt,
He see the pictures from his past,
As he lay on the ground,
As he looked for what he found,
As his life ran out,
As the death send out his shout,

I know that hell awaits,
But not for me,
Cause i am a chosen one,
I saved my destiny,

And my day will come,
Then a judge i will be,
With the sword i will speak justice,
And bring death to disbelief,


In the morning i awake,
I know my time has come,
Hours, minutes, seconds,
My life passes away,

As an assassin
I will be known the next day,
Only my victims will know
What has driven myself,


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