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Crazy Over You

Randle Chowning Band

(guitar solo intro)
You get me stinkin' like an old mad skunk
Cryin' "help me" like a dummy in a trunk
Tumblin' like a leaf on the wind
Clackin' like a schizophrenic hen

I'm plum crazy over you

Mooin' like a love sick mule
Lonely as a transatlantic fool
Colder than a fish on ice
Jumpy as a cat chasin' mice
I'm crazy over you

I went to the doc
Chewin' on my sock
He said, 'boy, yer in whoreable shape'
Better get straight
Before it's too late
If you wanna see another day

Everything will be ok
If you'll only look my way
'cause i'm crazy over you
(guitar solo)

Stakin' out my lawn
At the crack o' dawn
Waitin' for the mail to come by
If i don't hear from you
I know what i'll do
I'm gonna lay down and die

I know that it will be alright
If you will only see me tonight
'cause i'm crazy over you
Well i'm crazy, crazy, ooh

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