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if you want it, you can have it
'cause I know a few that's got it
and I had it once but now it's gone
if you're a dreamer you can do it
'cause there's really nothing' to it
and it doesn't have to take too long

you won't beat it, you won't fight it
you can't cheat it, you can't hide it in your pocket
you won't carry it home
if you're a faker you won't make it
or a taker you won't take it
in a locket where your secret's known

love, sweet love
love, sweet love

well I dreamed I drank with Jesus
and the told me all the reasons
He explained the powers of darkness and light
and he cried before a candle
as he thought of how we handle
the one feeling that just can't be denied

love, sweet love
love, sweet love

oh, take me down where the water flows
Lord, take me now
strip me of all I know
and give me love, sweet love
give me love, sweet love

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