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Woke up late this morning
Right beside a garbage can
The last thing he remembers
Is that bottle in his hand
Hasn't had decent meal
In six or seven days
His girlfriend left him and
Now he's left with nothing left to say
They gave him money they rebuilt his life
They gave him a home a car almost a wife
They quickly helped him solve his problems
And made it seem like it was free
Hey man we've turned around
You work for us for now
It's now your destiny
Every morning he heads
To the temple and prays
To a god he doesn't know
And he can't push away
He feels controlled the trap is shut
He's got nowhere to go
An endless cycle is what
He has got himself into
What now?
They've got control of him
And he can't do a thing
His so called friends
Have even tried to brainwash him
There's not much he can do
He's already sucked in
Like eveyone else is

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Composição: Chuck Comeau / Pierre Bouvier. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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