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You're living in this country
And you do not give a damn
About the people that are voted
And rule this fucking land
This concerns our country which means
This concerns us all
Even though you are lazy you know
What is right or wrong
Exercise the right
That you've been given as a citizen
Isn't that your duty
To democracy
You listen to the news
You're a witness of abuse
And instead of helping out
You just sit there
Where's your concern?
Don't believe what's on t.v.
Cuz what they show is wrong
Do not base your life on this
Just resist be strong
The game they play hypocrisy
Is just a game of greed
Everything that they do is for
The money that they need

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Composição: Chuck Comeau / Pierre Bouvier. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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