Evil riffs, chaotic leads
Making my ears bleed
Double bass and roto toms
Headbang'n till the dawn

Fight, forces of metal will fight
Destroying with all our might
The witching hour attack
Metal forces of the black
In the pit is where I dwell
Thrash'n and rais'n hell
Crank the volume, dive from stage
Releas'n all my fuck'n rage

Celtic frost, Kreator, Possessed, Nasty
Savage, Mecryful Fate, Slayer, Whiplash
Sodom & Venom, Razor, Destruction!

There's no end to metals night
We will kill and we will fight
Mess with me your life is through
I'll beat you fuck'n black and blue

Feel the power, feel the force
The metal hordes will take control
Smash'n all the poser bands
Fly'n V right up their ass

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