Apocalypse upon us, the age of fire is here
The world will burn, it's evil's turn, satanic rule is near
The omen lord from years that passed has risen from his grave
A thirst for war that never ends, the blood shall spill again
His hunger ever yearning as he searched for his prey
An appetite without an end, with knife in hand he slays
The master of the underworld, the darkest angel king
He'll take your life and steal your life the beast immortal king

Lightning and thunder will strike and the hammer shall reign
Son of the damned, child of the wrath
Lightning and thunder will strike as the slaughter begins
Chalice of blood, flows through his veins

The fire burning in his eyes, with vengeance he awaits
Lurking in the darkness for another soul to waste
Preying on deceivers, preying on the lambs of christ
His fiendish howl church through your bowels, its time for you to die
Your god he does not listen, so there is so need to pray
You'll smolder for eternity, to whither and decay
He stands within the circle as he walks the fiery left
Devouring, annihilating children of the lamb

The maggits shall awaken, they are crawling from their nest
To feast upon the fallen souls, a banquet of the flesh
The flames they will consume the liars, choke as they await
They look into the mirror as the beast chooses their fate
You will burn for all etrnity, impaled upon a cross
He'll tear your limbs and gnaw your bones, for his ecstasy
The sinner cries, the sinner dies, there is no god to forgive
Eternal life, eternal death, you will never rise again

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