It´s been 912 days since
we left Earth. It feels like
time gets slower and slower
every day...
funny how I said "day" like
that means anything anymore.

I can't remember the last time
I saw the sky, I can't remember
what my favorite food tastes like,
I can't remember any of mu friends
voice. But I do remember the last day.

Pandora failed us, all of us, including
themselves. We all thought we could
handle it, we could handle them. And
we did for a while but... We didn't.

The final M.S. wasn't planned...
everything seemed so calm
we didn't even mention it
or talk about it for decades.

I got luck, I guess. I'm one of the
few who got two extra years but...
Now it's been months since the last
reply and the communication
system broke so.

I'm trapped in a box in the immensity
of space and, yes, I'm alive...
but I'm also an endling.

I'm doing this because I'm afraid
this might be humanity's last
chance to say something, and
I know it's stupid and I'm basically
screaming into the void but I need to try. So,

Hello, we existed. We were rebellious,
smart, passionate, sinners...

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