They were children when they met.

But he is someone she can't forget.

They were young still when they parted ways;

Ushered on into life's grey haze.

She has always had the best of luck

But when there's rain and mud, he gets stuck

When there's rainbows she's at the end

But he gets caught in the whippin' wind.

Why does she fly? why does he fall?

She gets gifts of gold and he gets coal.

Someday his broken wing will mend

For now he's caught in the whippin'wind.

Many years have passed since they were friends

No one knows where they've both been

But each of their own sin

One of them loses, one of them wins

She had always thought that he could fly

So when he'd fall, she would cry

And wonder where is grace divine

And never see a single sign.

Why does he fall? why does she fly?

Oh, some birds will never reach the sky.

But someday his broken wing will mend

For now he's caught in the whippin' wind.

He found out about her success

Singing songs of her happiness.

She found out about his death.

And the family that he left.

Oh one man's right is another man's wrong

Oh one man's story is another man's song.

She wonders why he had to go

But with his death she knows.

He came far and she can fall

He gets the greatest gift of all

His broken wing did mend.

He's flown away in the whippin' wind.

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