I'm coming up quick
like a shark in dark water
your little fucking yacht has been sunk
and your life vest wont help you at all
Its easy to act tough
when you have body guards
you'll need their protection
because you're all fucking fake
Windy city kids
have lost all respect
windy city kids
are on to your bullshit.
It's so pretentious how you think your
king of the fucking hill
but what you keep forgetting is your a worker ant
no need to stomp out your ant hill
Cause that'd be too easy
a magnifying glass should do it
I'd like to see you burn

you cant make us into worker ants
you couldn't make us look bad if you tried

It's time for you to bow down to us
It's time for the new breed to be here
It's time for you to bow down to us
It's too late you fucking burned your bridge

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