Your chin is up but your ratings are down
you're running out of fuel
siphoning gas will only last so long before you get caught
finishing what you didn't start is easier said than done
I wish you luck cause you'll fucking need it
you'll never be number one
Truth is not that bad its not like a fucking kryptonite
you should just give it a try for all you know it'll be all right
It's so surprising how you have your teeth
from sucking all that dick on your knees
I'm not a dentist but ill see you soon
and knock them out so my dick has room
Our hooks will hang you high
one day you will be in the gutter
and you'll need a helping hand
and when that happens you'll know to
just suck my fucking dick now
Take it with a smile
you will be in denial
pretend that I'm in Nile
or maybe even Vile

I'd rather be a ROOK than a fool

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