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Woke up this morning and got myself a glass of milk
Picked up the ramen but i couldn't seem to get my fillsomething
Is wrong with you
What is it, what does it mean
Do you know who i am?
I am about to find them self-destruct and see.
Oh yes i love it, i love it so much
Its that soft creamy smile with that teaspoon dairy touch
Well i really don't know but i think it's all about the same
And i will drink a bunch of milk over any ordinary day

When i say life
I don't know what to do
And i didn't know what i was gonna do
You say you didn't love me
No, no love no more
I don't know but, maybe i'll think of something
Here we go
Get it up. get it up
Woke up this morning
What did i see
There was no mild starring back at me now
What did i tell you
Where had you gonei hoped to never lead you on

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