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All The Time

Rx Bandits

Friday night, everybody's getting happy
I think you lost your style
Maybe we'll be here awhile
What is said and what is just suggested
I think you already know
Just what you wanted to do and where you'd end up
Oh, it's all the time, it's all by myself
Oh, it's all the time, all the time
And far below are all the things we take for granted
Oh, I want to bleed now it's all gone
All the time
Have you ever had to give up something special?
For the scars that you'd gain?
Sometimes to find the truth, you go insane
Screaming inside, because you want to elude it
There is no wrong or right
Go on and live with no regrets, you only have one life
This box of pictures
Regrets and memories
I haven't found out quite yet just what I want
So have you lost them?
Got stuck inside your past
All the time I've fought for, and all I've wasted

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