She says she's gonna come over tonight,
Look like a ghost sound like a whisper shivering down my spine
I'm just a traveling soul, say you'd never leave me low, tell me you need me so tonight
She come creeping up slow
I got no place, no place to go
But now I'm feeling like I fell for you oh baby, no don't you sell it
Story's always different no matter who's telling it, now I'm feeling like I fell for you
- -
- -
I know she lurkin the streets tonight, sounds like silence, slink like a drifter
'tween the darkness and flickering light
She's just a wandering soul, oh I just can't let it go, tell me it isn't so tonight
- -
I swear I heard something sneaking through my corridor,
Memories float like specters, keep on haunting me evermore

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