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Wrong With Me

Rx Bandits

Daddys gone now
hes gone off to fight
the new world war
hes gonna be a hero
ya he'll be a star
but what is seen
aint what it means
to you, you see the rest
now daddys gonna go and kill
you think thats best
daddy thinks that its the right way
daddy says he'll be ok!
but now daddy has stopped writting
and you dont know what to say

whats right i cant see
(this time im headed for the door)
what is wrong with me
i can see were so blind
were so blind i can see
so upset at the world
and its mediocrity

Johnny sighs
as he leans back into his office chair
he runs his fingers
through his clean cut hair
piles of bullshit
growing up around his desk are large
cause thats hte only way
that johnny knows to charge
johnny thinks that its the right way
cause he gets six days off a year
johnny still aint sick of waiting
because he dont know what is fair


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