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Well I don't care how she treats me anymore.
Everytime I try to argue she walks right out that door.
It's not how you look but how you feel inside.
It don't matter if you got any money or not
Just hold your head up high.
I tell you one time what I'm really coming out to do
I'm gonna burn this system to the ground for you.
Radio and t.v. shows try to make you play the roles
Don't let 'em take you for a ride.
One more day, to leave it all behind
to go where you have never even tried.
Don't you let your inhibitions guide your way.
Baby won't you look at me?
But you ain't got the time of day because I ain't got no money.
What is money if you ain't got happiness?
It really don't make sense to me.
I ain't got no money or a diamond rock,
But I still got this voice to sing.
I ain't go no status.
We still got a mind of our own.

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