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Rx Bandits

Now you're thinkin' I'm so stupid, that's alright.
You don't know just what you're sayin',
and in due time.
What I'm going through well I don't care
but you won't prosper.
What I say to you goes in one ear and out the other.
Now I'm takin' three steps forward and two steps back,
Temporarily lost my focus and gone off track.
Five in the morning in the studio high
Up in your stereo and losin' my mind.
I'm givin' up because I'm feelin' out of place
Don't want to hear it.
Please someone, come quickly.
I've gotten stuck inside my head,
Please help me out while I still can.
I've gotten stuck inside this little place and no one'shelping.
Nowhere to go, already ran...
Move forward now!

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