The A/C just turned on
Across the street
It hasn't been this hot here in a long time
I'm sitting on my stoop
Unable to sleep
While the night pulls its hot fist
Through the cold shackles of my mind

You see, my mind is on big things
Things too big to see
While my poor body is left sweating out here in the small
My thoughts are racing darkly
Far past the words I speak
While the A/C pulls hot air through my neighbor's wall

I don't know what their names are
We're not friendly
I don't know with what books they line their shelves
But I wonder if they're happy
Or if they're tired of their lives
Like I sometimes tire of myself

But I know I should be grateful
For the appearance of the dove
And pull not this face of dread at anything so dear
But I believe its only to a soldier
Dying in a dream of blood
That this bird as symbol does appear

Well, dreams sometimes come true
When you feel your soul most spent
And you feel suddenly that your life may well be blessed
But what are you gonna do now
That you're feeling so content
Without that gift, the struggle, the blessing of the oppressed

Its easy to press onward
When the end is there in sight
That home across the road is now so near
But what if you still feel empty
And your heart knows only night
Even after the beloved dream finally appears?

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