Sometimes in the morning light
You fantasize
(but when the sun goes down)
You lie with lonely tears
There in your eyes
At night you be hangin' out in the neighbour-
And before your goin' home
Someone who ain't no good so...

Son't you ever ever settle for less
No need to take the second best
Just live a life that is true
And they'll be someone better for you
Don't go trowin' your heart away
Good things come to those who wait
Keep doin' what you do
And they'll be something better for you
Something better for you
Something better for you ohhh

Sometimes we're searching for
Somethin' real
(but the problem is)
We keep forgettin' how
Love's supposed to feel
Sometimes we give too much
And let others take
A lover says the perfect words
But somehow a heart still breaks so...

Don't you ever ever...

Something better for me
The kind of love that everyone
Who lives and learns
Truly diserves
Something better than good
A love that's understood
That's always there to catch you
When you fall
Someone to be your all and all

Don't you ever ever..

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