I'm a kind of cynical girl
Don't come over easy
Livin' in a virtual world
Nothing real can reach me
And you hit me like a firework
Hit me like a kneejerk slam
And you shot me through my senses
My defenses are down

Boy you're good for me
Like a vitamin shot
Wanna take you in
You're my medicine
Hot blood rushin' through my head
Nothing can hit you faster than the speed of love
Nothing can knock you harder than the speed of love

Anyone before you they where just another shade of nothing
Candy for my eye kiss and say goodbye
Check the next thing
You open like a flower
Baby now I'm breathing you in
If I take a little too much
I'm wiling to pay the price
again and again and again


Boy I'm swimming in adrenaline
Sweat dripping from my neck again

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Composição: Kiko Masbaum / Michelle Leonard. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.