Living Inside a Bottle
Strung Out On a Line
Caught in Life's Rough and Tumble
Blind Leading the Blind
I Wish There Was An Answer
But She's Got Such An Easy Way
And You Know You Can't Leave Her
And You Know You Can Stay

* Oh It's Killing Me
Oh, Love's a Mystery
Oh, It's Killing Me
Oh, Love's a Mystery

We're Hiding From the Small Talk
And Hiding All the Pain
With Our Backs Against the Wall
Is All This Love in Vain

* Repeat

When I'm With You You Know I Try So Hard
Not to Love You But I Keep Up My Guard
Every Single Day That Goes By
Are We Fooling Ourselves Living a Lie


Please Tell Me Now It's no Secret
Is This Surrender With Defeat

Do You Let Love Pass You By
Walk to a Different Beat

* Repeat

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