Joey Rides the Subway
Fast From East to West
On the Street He's Number One
Some Say That He's the Best

Got Something Going On
In a Honkey Tonk Down Town
He Is Expected
Word Has Got Around

The Other-side of Midnight
Or in the Combat Zone
Meeting no Resistance
Joe Stands Alone

Night Riders Prowling
Out Into the Night
There's Someone Else Out There
And They're Looking For a Fight

Between the Rain Soaked Buildings
A Distant Whistle Blows
Fate Lies in Waiting
It's Hand It Never Shows

* Heart Beating Like a Drum
Out in This Wasteland
And There's no Place Baby For Us to Run
(In) Jungle Land (Baby)
Jungle Land, Jungle Land
Jungle Land. Jungle Land

Under the Railway Arches
Someone Calls His Name
Streams Out the Words
Come On Boy This Ain't no Game

One Flash of Bright Cold Stsel
In a Stranger's Hand
Kids Dance Away Like Shadows
There's no One to Command

Joey's Got His Name
Pairited On the Wells
On the Side of Buses
Subways and Tenement Halls

(Repeat *)
Jungle Land, Jungle Land
Jungle Land, Jungle Land
Jungle Land, Jungle Land
Jungle Land, Jungle Land

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