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We Belong to the Night


Ruby Darling's Got a Crazy Walk
The Boys Love Her With That Dirty, Dirty Talk
Singles Bar With the Broken Light
Easy Touch, a Lady of the Night

* Ruby Darling I Need You
Cross My Heart and Promise to Be True

** and You Tell Me That You Can't Change
Your Life's Been Set, Prearranged
Hold On Tight 'til the Morning Light "Cause
We Belong to the Night

Well-known Face in Every Door
Street Kids Come and Try to Make a Score
Patrol Car Stopped Talk For a While
But They Let You Go With a Warning and a Smile

* Repeat
** Repeat


** Repeat

Life Goes On Down the Streets
Contacts Made Where the Gay Boys Come to Meet
Keep Saying It's Your Last Night
Give Up This Life For Me Without a Fight

* Repeat
** Repeat Twice

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