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Deep in the heart of every man
Lies a hidden dream or plan
To be a millionaire
Life without a care

Hey cool cat
Does this apply to you?
Oh don't you lie
No don't you lie
You can't hide the truth

I can see what's behind those eyes
You're tongue is so twisted from telling lies
You might think you're strong
But you better not treat me wrong
Or else I'll say so long

I never wanna see you again
I don't wanna be your friend
So long
Now we've reached the end
Time for me to turn that bend
When time has run away
And there's no need for me to stay and
Lose myself to you
And be abused by you
I don't need the pain
From your mind games
When you try them again I won't be there for them to work

Now you're back and you beggin' please
Crawling on your hands and knees
You thought you were a star
But now here you are
We have not traveled far


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