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Angry Situation

Save Ferris

You've always been a running
from something or another
but your fear has never had
such a name you let your
problem linger and always
point the finger cuz as always
someone else is to blame
but now it's not so fun it's
got you on the run with the barrel
of a gun to your head
but now the moment's fadin'
there's no need for hesitatin'
cuz if you do you just might
end up dead

did you think that this would
make everything right
did you know the price you'd pay
is your own life and now
your screaming out to me
to make things right tonight
how will you end your pain

and now you need a fixin'
cuz you got a bad addiction
and it's always screamin'
out for some more your
acting like a junkie
on your back to do some
funky as you sell your body just for
the score but now what will you do
when the choice is up to you
how will you choose to end all your pain
but for you the only answer is to give into
the cancer as you shove it right back into
your vein


take a look at what your doin
can't you see the consequences
that have led to your ruin
though i've tried and i've tried my dear
the situations ending is here
and it's so sad to hear you say
that you fear your life is slipping away
you don't know what to do
but the answers are inside it all
comes down to you


how will you end your pain
your pain

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