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Third Engine

Saves The Day

The sky grows bigger every day
And the other week I hopped on a train
Cutting through state lines
To come to you as the crow flies
And out there in there offing everything was melon and orange
Did you know, my sweet
That I once took the liberty of watching you in your sleep?
I rolled over and over
Trying to touch your knees underneath the sheets
I just want you to know
That every pool of water reminds me of you
Is that all right?
I hope you think it's cool
'Cause sometimes a train can't go as fast as I want it to
Everything seemed a little easier
When we weren't one hundred miles apart
The person across from me
Sitting in her train seat, reminded me of you
And I looked out past her cheeks
Through the glass-light conduit
But the Sun had sunk already
Disappeared into New Jersey
Oh, why don't they have phones on these things?

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