I do not know why I'm at war at that time
Hurting people alike to me under uniforms
Rifle bullets, grenades, can't replace the words
Provoked the sleeping monster and now brother kills brother
This trench is what's left of my world
My soul is frightened by shrapnel
And who decides and can end it is far
Sitting in his soft chair and very safe

I just saw a great friend succumbing before the enemy
Bleeding, and even inform you what was the real reason
Very soon the family will receive a medal and a warning
His son died defending the homeland and is now a hero.
In this trench my body trembles with fear and cold
Do not feel the trigger of my gun, I do not see the aim
The white snow confuses my eyes, will be a major
Approaching to finally mow my life

A sargent came close with loaded gun
I had no time to react felt lead to rip my chest
Mother said I 'm sorry again but death hugged me
Deliver this medal to my son and my dog tag

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Composição: Anderson Emidio / Diego Camargo / Emerson Oliveira / Gabriel Hatoun / Matheus Lorenzetti. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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