Avenue (feat. Justin Williams)

Scott & Brendo

Unlimited time to flow
Unlimited high to low
Unlimited eyes lookin' right into the golden glow

Unlimited birds eye view I can finally see
Unlimited times that I make myself a memory

And if I couldn't have had a chance I wouldn't be the only one
Unlimited time to bite the light and have a little fun

To knock above the rest
Unlimited time to test
The booty yackin' posers lookin at me nonetheless

Wide awake I'm
I'm rollin', believin'

Wide awake I'm
I'm falling

Wide awake I'm
I'm turnin', I'm feelin'

Wide awake I'm
I'm all in

Unlimited black and white
Unlimited time to fight
Unlimited reasons that I know that I'm not always right

But if I had to wonder if dynomite is always red
Then that a silly question sinkin' in my silly head

So board the rollin' train
Unlimited time to play
And if I'm lookin close enough
I'll face it either way

Burstin' blades of light
I merge and now I'm takin flight
Unlimited ways to stay the same
I know you'll never change

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