"Ok kids, let's go."

Pocketing the light and I'm keeping it from drifting
And even though I'm knowin' better I'll be wishing
That every day, every dog day, every last sight
Is a time that'll last for life, yo

And I don't mind if you stop by when you got time
And I'll take you on a ride through a rainbow sky
It's me, it's you, and it's every bit of truth
So take it all in as we make it all new

Fightin' to the finish of the last warm breeze
On our knees in the tall grass, and green trees
If you need me you can find me in the longest beam
One afternoon to sum up every dream

"Now that's the spirit. Go get 'em tiger."

I don't have to know
Where I'm goin' now
Following the road
Reverie bound

All I need is you
Where I'm goin' now
All I need is you
Reverie bound

"Next round."

We catch a last laugh, we fall back
Following a leaf float across a glowing sea
And I rewind it back, play it over in my mind
If I time it right we then can make it last a lifetime

So fade away, but I'll chase it for another day
This time is right and I'll fight to take the light
And carry on with you and make or break the truth
We're the last ones left and we'll carry on through

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