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It might seem like we're not the only ones to tell you
But who's in charge of your destiny
Some dumb fucker or is it you know
It's not what's in between your legs
But what's inside your head that counts
You say you're worthless
But I see through the bullshit
You're not helpless you can stand on your own two feet
So why do you let yourself be treated like a piece of meat
A fucking piece of meat
You call it life I call it rape, I call it prostitution
I don'w know why you hate yourself
Cause you're not ugly at all
So let the sunshine in
And chase away your blues
Smilers never lose and frowners never win
So let the sunshine in
I know it's fucking hard
But now it's time to try and start to
Let the sunshine in
So when you feel fucked up like your life is in the gutter
Think about it for a minute
It's what you say that matters
Don't call it life, call it life, call it prostitution
And you won't have to hate yourself
Beacause you're a beautiful person

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