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Strike Out

Screwl Stew

Now you're talking i can hear you squacking it'll make youthink
It'll make you think
Maybe sometimes it was all worth while but now i lost my smile
I lost my smile

I bet all you had were things you wanted you had it there
You had it here
I think it's time to lead my own life and make it square
Make it square

You got my time, you got my mind
You think you're fine, but i know who's right

You're like a boat that you know won't float you know you'regonna sink
You're gonna sink
You think you're kind when you break my mind you know i'm goinginsane
I'm going insane

There was a while when i walked a mile just to see you smile
To see you smile
But now that's it's out i just figured it out that you strikedout
You striked out

You got my time, you got my life
You think you're fine, but i know who's right

I don't know why i fell in the trap, i don't know why that ifirst snapped
Don't know that you're feeling fine
And now there's nothing left to say, then get the hell away
And leave me with my time

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