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Seems i don't know where i'm going
Seems it's always like i'm berror convinced
It was me
Keeps on coming out again

And you know it might me long
Before the feelings come to run
With an exorcist in hand
Seems it's fucked up in my head

That's what the society wants to think of me
That's what i will give'em and that's what they will see
Wait until they find out
They'll leave me alone, they'll leave me alone my friends

And i know i'm not alright, to be saying this to you
To be preaching what i think, to be saying this to you
And you know i might get caught, and you know i might get down
What the hell went wrong

I know they want to get to me
They want me down onto my knees
I don't believe, i don't care
They still are fucked inside my head... society

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