Flesh Tailor

Seu Jorge

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I am the flesh tailor
Put myself in her God given flesh!
Look at me I'm so fucking hideous!
I will wear you as my own personal skin suit
Cover my imperfections slowly become a part of you!
Carving the flesh back from your skull as you begin to squirm!

Skinned down to the bone!
Nobody knows you're gone, you're all alone!
Flesh tailor!
Flesh tailor!
Skinning you alive there's no where to hide
You're running for your life who's right behind?
Flesh tailor!

Rotting carcasses flayed and hanged!
Gaze upon my erection I'll rape this land!
Hideous and ugly?
Have piece of mind! A skin suit will bring beauty into your life!
Walking around in my new set of skin!
I can feel true beauty within!
Masturbating in the flesh of my mangled victims!
My cock protrudes from her pussy hole!
Fondling my new set of breasts my face is a sight to see!
This is my life this is my grand design, give your skin into me!