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Where Are You ?

Seventh Avenue

I hear your voice, although you can't speak a word
I see your face, although you aren't here
When I wake up at night and my hand grabs for you
That's when my whispers turn to screams that no one hears
No one hears, because they don't pass my lips
Seas full of tears, deeper than the ocean

Chorus: Where are you?
I can't believe that this is true
Where are you?
I hope that I'll wake from this nightmare soon
Where are you - where are you?

I'm falling and I know that no one is there to catch me
And even when I'm partying with all my friends
I'm alone
I every face I'm just looking for yours
Quickly I pass by 'cause I know, I won't find
Without you - alive? - already dead?
No one can see - just masquerade


Some things don't pass, although they've been
Some agree, others just don't want to believe
Just masquerade
So many broken hearts in this world
One of many missing the one
No one can replace not with might or money
Nightmare or not? - Who are you?