Hopin that somebody would come my way
Middle of the night I feel the break of day
Dont wake me till its over
Things are bound to change
I tell myself this cant be it
Tho our conversation was a big mistake
Rollin back your fears
Im holdin on to the things you said
But you were only lonely and you would not let me be
And I was just a fool not to say

(I didnt fall in love)
Love fell on me

Open up the windows I dont want to feel the breeze
Open up your mouth cuz I dont want to believe
Anything you say if it has to do
Anything with me
I didnt see the sun
Didnt hear the train
Didnt feel the tunnel brakes
Fall on my head again
Didnt hear no body wanting me on anything

I didnt fall in love
Love fell on me
It fell
I didnt fall in love
Love fell on me

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Composição: Scot Sax / Sharon Little. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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