What gets in the way, of you and me
What gets in the way, what could it be
All I know is that its getting tough,
goin from A to B

We used to flow, use to connect
We used to know, now we dissect
Every feelin that were feelin flow
up to the ceiling (oh yeah)

We used to love like, lovers do
We used to talk like, lovers do
Somethings changed
What gets in the way

You know my secrets baby
You know them all
You know the difference, between
right and wrong

Touch me, rush me, then you stop
Gets in the way
(ohhh. Ohh. No-no no-no no-no, ohhh)

Used to love, like lovers do
Used to talk, like lovers do
Somethins changed, changed!
What gets in the way
Gets in the way (ohh)

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